Star Class Motors' Sales Program

If you’ve been dreaming of owning a certain European luxury performance vehicle, look to Star Class Motors’ pre-owned vehicle sales program to help make that dream a reality. Star Class Motors offers a better option in the Omaha area for finding that special car you’ve been looking for. Besides choosing from European luxury automobile brands like Audi, BMW, and Jaguar, every pre-owned vehicle we buy meets a long list of quality standards– because we consider quality to be of the utmost importance in everything we do. So, when you purchase a pre-owned European luxury vehicle from us, you know you’re still getting the very best. First of all, we never buy any pre-owned vehicle with a salvage title or history of an accident. That should go without saying, but we just wanted to be clear. The pre-owned vehicles we sell will have never had and body work done or any other major repairs. We’ll also never buy a pre-owned vehicle that was owned by a smoker. You can never truly get rid of the odor– there are only temporary fixes, and we know how to spot those. The bottom line is, we’re not afraid to turn away from a pre-owned vehicle purchase because the car isn’t something we’d personally want to drive.

Star Class Motors’ sales program usually looks for late model, European luxury performance vehicles that have low mileage, a sign that the car was well cared for. Although we mostly find those vehicles at auctions, the ones we purchase are typically lease-returned vehicles or executive demos. When we buy from private party sellers, it’s usually because we’ve already established a relationship with the vehicle’s owner and know the car’s history because we’ve been servicing it.

Once a European luxury performance vehicle meets the Star Class Motors quality standards, we do a full tune up. All service work is done on site by our factory trained and certified technicians. These passionate professionals treat every pre-owned luxury performance vehicle as if it were their own. No vehicle is sold until it has been uniquely cared for by them.

Our service doesn’t stop after the sale either. Our customers understand the heart we put into the vehicles and trust our trained technicians to handle their ongoing maintenance needs. We aim to keep our customers for life so we keep up with the latest advancements among the European luxury auto brands. For example, Star Class Motors became an authorized Dinan Performance Center.

Buying a car from Star Class Motors isn’t like buying from any Omaha auto dealership. We don’t accept all trades, and we keep our inventory and margins low. We’re a small, quality-focused business, and therefore, we’re able to offer a more personalized experience. For example, all of our employees are available to answer questions, you can even talk to the person turning the wrench on your vehicle! Our ultimate goal is that our customers will see how well their vehicle was cared for before they purchased it, and that they’ll continue to use us for their ongoing maintenance after the sale.

Bottom line– you’ll have greater peace of mind when you purchase a pre-owned European luxury performance vehicle from Star Class Motors.

Expect More From Your Vehicle's Routine Preventative Maintenance

Routine maintenance is recommended for the average car and driver, but you’re nowhere near average. When driving a luxury vehicle, such as an Audi, Mercedes, BMW or Porsche, you expect to have a higher quality driving experience. You know that your luxury vehicle performs at the top of every category, but in order to keep your car running at its very best, you need to ask one question: "How often do I really need to bring my car into the shop?" Think of your top-performing vehicle as a world-class athlete. Consider this: athletes that are known for being the best in their sport work out and practice more than average athletes. They also consult with their doctors and trainers more often too. These athletes know that, in order to remain at the top, they have to go beyond what is recommended because they have higher than average performance expectations. In order to keep a luxury vehicle performing consistently at its best, owners need to be diligent about bringing it in for a checkup more frequently than the manual suggests. How often that is depends on the type of driver you are and the type of relationship you have with your vehicle.

Feel free to talk with us about your driving expectations so we can help you understand the maintenance needs of your vehicle and develop a plan to make sure you get the very best driving experience.

At Star Class Motors, we have the knowledge, tools, and passion for what it takes to ensure a vehicle’s overall health. We differ from the discount service stores because, when you just go in to get the oil changed, that’s all they are going to do, while we will take the time to do a full inspection at a fair price. We want our customers to know that when they purchase a luxury vehicle, we will provide the service a luxury vehicle deserves.

As a small business, we offer a more personal experience with our customers and, we understand you don’t want to go through a chain of employees to know what is happening to your vehicle. At Star Class Motors you have the ability to walk in and speak directly to the guys that are turning the wrenches themselves.

With a love of luxury vehicles, we will always make sure yours is performing at its best.