Star Class Motors is an Authorized Dinan Performance Center.

Serious enthusiasts turn to Dinan because their performance upgrades outperform the rest of the aftermarket industry.

Impressive Performance & Superior Engineering

Star Class Motors now offers Dinan performance upgrades for BMW, Mercedes-Benz and MINI.

Dinan is all about European performance. In fact, Euro upgrades are the only type of upgrades that Dinan creates. This helps them to be experts in the field, knowing European marques – quite literally – from the inside out.

 Available upgrades may be in the form of hard aftermarket parts – such as exhaust, suspension, and intake systems – or they may be in the form of software upgrades – such as those that improve power output or remove the top speed governor. 

Unmatched Warranty

Dinan’s products aren’t just parts; they are portals that allow them to take a car from good, to great. If your vehicle is currently covered by the vehicle manufacturer’s new car limited warranty, Dinan products are warranted for the remaining term of the vehicle manufacturer’s new car limited warranty. 

Dinan parts are designed and manufactured in the USA.

Dinan continues to evolve. Their passion for European cars is seen in their dedication to the most innovative and performance driven aftermarket parts on the market.
— Dane Bergmeier