Full-Service Storage

Customers are loving our full-service storage option. It provides a secure environment for your investment while freeing up space on your property. But how does it compare to conventional storage facilities?

Like traditional storage, you'll enjoy protection from the harsh elements, such as oppressive sun, hail & the harsh winter.  You can also rest easy knowing thieves and vandals are foiled. Similarities end there, though, because Star Class takes it to the next level.

Your car is always available within 24 hours of your request– and we'll deliver it right to you. In fact, before it even goes in to storage, we'll hand wash & vacuum it. 

We'll even maintain the battery, tire inflation & prevent damage from rodents. The facility is also climate-controlled, so components won't be affected by extreme temperature fluctuations. 

Really, our storage program is more of an auto enthusiast's concierge, and we are confident you'll love this addition to the Star Class lineup.

This program is more than just a roof over your car–it’s a full-service, premium service designed to best protect our client’s investment.
— Dane Bergmeier